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Australian Weather (AUS Weather) apps for iPhones, iPads and Android devices are weather tools for every day weather follower and professionals. We aim to display all important weather information in a user friendly interface that anyone can understand. It uses the power of design, graphs, charts and maps to display the weather information so you can be sure you are up to date with all the weather information.
Auto Location Finder
No matter where you are in Australia be assured the auto location finder will find the weather information for you. Auto location is impelemented in all our apps and in the top favorite location. Auto location will locate your position and display the weather conditions specifically for that location.
Charts, Graphs and Maps
A picture is worth a thousand words. The use of charts, graphs and maps we made our app easy to read so you don't have to spend your time decrypting the weather information. Visualy see the current and forecast weather information with the aid of powerful visual representations.
Accurate Information
We know that the main feature about any weather information is to have accurate weather observations and forecasts. So our apps are constantly updated from Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM). Thanks to these guys (BOM) we (Australians) have one of the most comprehensive and precise meteorology data in the world.

So you will be confident that you are getting the best weather observations and forecasts.
Radar Maps
Radar maps are one of the most powerful tools any weather user has in their disposal. So we have one of the fastest and latest radar maps available. The radar maps are:

   › Rain Radars (64km, 128km, 256km, 512km)
   › Rainfall Radars (6 min, 1 hour, Since 9am, 24 hour)
   › Doppler Wind Radar
   › National Rain Radar with Satellite Cloud Cover

   Since we know the importance of viewing rain patterns and predictions
   we have placed a static radar image in the home observation screen
   so you can view any incoming rain.
7 Day forecast
Our weather forecasts are detailed with all the information you will need to plan the week ahead. We provide once of the most detailed 7 day forecasts with the max temperature, min temperature, chance of rain and wind predictions.

This app is the only exclusive app that provides a District Forecast for a more in depth analysis of the forecast.
Powerful Interactive Maps
The only app to provide interactive forecast and synoptic maps together with our standard weather observations and forecasts. These maps are great to view weather and sea patterns.

These maps can predict heat waves, rainfall, cyclones, sea swells, strong winds and much more. A professional tool for an everyday weather user.
Marine and Moon Information
We have a Marine and Moon section where you can view tidal and moon information. These are great tool for outdoor people and want to know the tides, moon information. Also use moon major and moon minor periods to predict the best fishing and hunting periods of days of the week.
Push Notifications
Receive notifications on the hour for today's weather. Let the weather information come to you with our push notifications. So you can have the weather information ready on your screen with your morning alarm.

Receive push notifications Warnings for your state. Stay on top of any weather dangers coming your way with early Warning notifications.

All push notifications are customisable via the app.
Badge Updates
View the current temperature, today's max and min temperature on your home screen with badge push updates. View the temperature without opening the app by pushing weather information to the badge icon.